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Cris Beasley is an intuitive energetic healer. Her gift is finding the unique key combination that will allow each client to dissolve and release stress, wounding and trauma. These emotions, if repressed long enough, often turn into chronic pain, anxiety and depression. Our body tells us when we can’t continue any further as we are.

Cris does not heal you, she provides a supportive space and tools for you to heal yourself.


Instead of the usual pay-for-services model, I'm doing an experiment in trust and repairing our relationship with money. I'm passionate about working with as many people as I'm called to be of service to. If money is a challenge, I ask that you contribute whatever amount is of service to you. You will get more out of our work together by paying for it. You'll show up on time, not cancel, and listen to the recordings of the sessions to get every drop of juice out of them. Choose an amount that helps you best do this. If money is abundant for you, I ask that you see yourself as a steward and perhaps even step into the role of patron or benefactor. By paying more than market rate for my services, you support me in assisting those with fewer economic resources.

If you have any questions or to schedule an initial intake call, please send an email to or text 503-360-5448.

“This is like a radical form of life coaching, and it’s been incredibly powerful. You’re like a transformation doula. I was moved to tears because it was about the most seen I’ve felt in a long time. You unlocked me in so many ways. Wow. I feel really grounded and whole.”

– Jacob, executive director

“I have been managing pain in my hip for the last 10 months. While stretching, yoga, rolfing, accupuncture, meditation and psychotherapy have all yielded varying results, none of them have brought the pain to the surface to the degree that Cris' work did. She was able to connect me with the pain and activate my attention in new and unique ways, all to the effect of providing another avenue for managing and mitigating my discomfort. Thank you, Cris!”

– Bill, founding VC partner

“I felt like I was floating six inches off the ground when I finished the session.”

– Flora, actor, PhD and CEO