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Cris Beasley is an intuitive healer, mixing techniques from tantra, massage, and coaching. Her gift is finding the unique key combination that will allow each client to dissolve and release stress, wounding and trauma. These, if repressed long enough, often turn into chronic pain, anxiety and depression. Our body tells us when we can’t continue any further as we are, even when we don’t know what’s next.

Cris’s job is to unconditionally love the body. Only when a body feels safe can it open up the dark places that hide our deepest fears. But here’s the secret – it’s in those same dark places that our greatest gifts are found. Not sure what you’re life’s purpose is? It’s in the box that’s the last place you want to look. You’ve put a heavy padlock on it and shoved it under your bed. We all start there. The source of your greatest gift to the world is in that box.

Cris does not heal you, she provides a supportive space for you to heal yourself and open up to your highest calling. Her experience as a startup CEO, artist, designer, author, and podcaster give her the foundation and practical advice to support you in executing on that calling.

$150/hr – sliding scale available

She works with clients in the Bay Area in person and with other locations via video chat. If finances are an issue, please let us know so we can find a way to make it possible for you to work with us. My guarantee: if after 20 minutes in our first session, I’ll check in with you. If this modality isn’t working for you, we’ll stop there for no charge.

If you have any questions or comments, please send an email to

“This is like a radical form of life coaching, and it’s been incredibly powerful. You’re like a transformation doula. I was moved to tears because it was about the most seen I’ve felt in a long time. You unlocked me in so many ways. Wow. I feel really grounded and whole.”

– Jacob, executive director

“I have been managing pain in my hip for the last 10 months. While stretching, yoga, rolfing, accupuncture, meditation and psychotherapy have all yielded varying results, none of them have brought the pain to the surface to the degree that Cris' work did. She was able to connect me with the pain and activate my attention in new and unique ways, all to the effect of providing another avenue for managing and mitigating my discomfort. Thank you, Cris!”

– Bill, founding VC partner

“I felt like I was floating six inches off the ground when I finished the session.”

– Flora, actor, PhD and CEO