I wish beauty, flame, the softness of a cheek against the caress of your fingertips. I wish you incense and the snap of twigs, small hand cymbals and the whisper of bare feet over smooth flagstones. I invoke gossamer, perfumed oils, the roundness of hip and back bent low to place a single drop of honey on your tongue.

I conjure this richness, this essence of sacred rituals, from all over the globe because I don’t want to plead my case for why sacredness matters. I want to seduce you to your senses. What does your body want to smell? Do I need a peer-reviewed paper to prove to you that your favorite food is delicious? Yes, there is a mathematical ratio in music and art, but I can’t help but question why you do not trust your heart to know beauty when you see it? Can science ever answer whether a lotus is more lovely than a rose?

Sacredness arises from the appreciation of beauty in the mundane, the exquisiteness of the banal. It elevates making tea to an artform. You don’t need to run down to the store and buy matcha, fine china cups and one of those amazing matcha whisks to create sacredness. It emanates from the space you create by slowing down.The gap between your in breath and out breath, the slipping moment that separates the night and the new dawn, the friction of a match struck with meaning. It’s not what you do as much as how you do it. If you’re a mechanic, you can tighten those bolts with precision. The Zen of the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance beautifully lays out this case. I’m convinced you can make eating a BBQ Frito pie into a sacred experience with the right intent and setting.

The sacred calls us back into our bodies. It retrieves our souls back to us. It marks what’s passed away and welcomes what’s being born anew. Without it we revert back to old patterns, not realizing or remembering that the past is foreign country. We do things differently here. Sacredness reminds us to invent each moment in service to our highest calling, surrendering control and setting an intention to love.

Always with love, always with grace, all in all I wish for you sacredness.

A mantra –

Take a breath in, imagine white sparkles drawing down from the crown of your head and down into your heart. On the breath out say “all my work is holy.” Repeat as many times as feels right.

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