I’ve had voices in my head for about 7 years. They’ve changed my whole perception of myself, the way I make decisions, and interact in the world. No, I don’t have multiple personality disorder — it’s more like multiple personality order. I paid good money to find and nurture those voices in my head. My executive coach, Kate Roeske Zummer helped me develop this this cast of characters. She calls them saboteurs, although you’ll find similar concepts in demons on your shoulder or gremlins. They show up as the manager self, firefighters, and exile in integral family systems therapy, and as jungian archetypes. The idea is that there are many parts within each of ourselves.

“Do I contradict myself? They I contradict myself. I contain multitudes.”
– Walt Whitman

Why would I pay green American dollars to give myself voices in my head? They help me be more fully myself. Each voice personifies a different aspect of my personality. They have distinct core values, beliefs and opinions about what to do in a given situation. I’ve named them to separate them from the truest self — the most me me. Saboteurs are old versions of myself. —- THAT —-